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FS3500 Three-layer Loose Dryer Manufacturer

basic information
◎ Product Application
The product can perform preshrinking & drying process of various circular knitted fabrics and open-width woven fabrics via the conveyer mesh belt and the high-efficient centrifugal blower.
◎ Technical Parameters
◇ Nominal width: 3200mm (Can make according to customer demands)
◇ Working speed: 0 - 70m/ min
◇ Overfeeding capacity: -1 0% - 30%
◇ Radiator: extrusion type or tubular fin type
◇ Drying room temperature: steam heating: 140℃
Heat-carrying oil heating: 170℃
◇ Evaporation capacity: no less than 130kg/h per box
◇ Installed power: 100Kw (drying room, 6 sections)
◇ Dimensions: L×W×H (mm) 18650×5100×4100
◎ Product Features
◇ Three-layer, extra-wide conveyer mesh belt, running single-width fabrics or multiple-width fabrics simultaneously, with high efficiency.
◇ Fabric feeding rack configuration: multiple sets of circular knitted fabrics open-width supporting ring and multi-head spiral open-width roller.
◇ Electrical control: PLC programmable control and variable frequency control.
◇ Achieve the self-control of the temperature of each drying room (Variable frequency control of circulating fan, selecting according to customer demands.)
◇ Automatic skew detection and failure warning. Its skew detection uses pneumatic control, stable and reliable.
◇ Radiator: High heat efficiency and strong evaporation capacity
◇ Through the preshrinking & drying process, the fabrics can obtain ideal residual shrinkage, with its size being stable and excellent in hand feeling.
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