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XLC-2000 Tentering & Setting Machine Manufacturer

basic information
Product Application:
◇ Drying oven
· Broad inner space of drying oven, easy to be cleaned.
· Hot-air circulating motors are staggeredly arranged at the left and right sides of the drying oven.
· Hot-air shutoff valve: Preventing the stop mark.
· High-efficient heat exchanger: Enhancing the drying capacity up to 30%-50%.
· Reducing left and right temperature deviation (±0.5℃) greatly, performing even heat treatment and drying.
◇ Over-feeding: Numerical control
◇ Guide rail: Sturdy cast iron
◇ Edge tracking: Pinion-and-rack type
◇ Air exhaust: Independent air exhaust
◇ Cooling: Air cooling or water cooling
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